The Bathroom Curtian

I had it in my mind that I needed a printed curtain for our newly painted bathroom. Most of what I saw for sale was too busy for my taste, so I decided to stencil my own.

  • Time:
    • 20 minutes
    • overnight to dry
  • Tools:
    • foam brush
    • stencil
    • acrylic paint
    • plain curtain

I found the stencil from Jo-Ann’s, and cut two branches out of the whole sheet.


I chose a medium grey, acrylic paint for this project. With a foam brush, I began to stencil the branches along the bottom of the curtain.


I was concerned about the acrylic paint peeling with the humidity in the bathroom, but so far, so good! I let it dry overnight, hung it up, and it’s been lovely since! I love the dimension that the paint on the curtain has.


I sewed the curtain in addition to stenciling it. I chose a heavy weight, ivory linen, and used this tutorial for the basis of my pattern, but any plain curtain would suffice.


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