The Coffee Table

When we bought a late 19th century farmhouse, we knew we wanted to furnish it with rustic character.

The task that we agreed seemed the most doable was a pallet coffee table. We loaded up the Chevy Cruise with the trailer, and tracked down two pallets from a local lumber yard. We tried to pick two that were similar in shade and in good shape. Originally, we had planned on buying boards of a similar size and filling in the gaps on the top of the table. This was a process we greatly underestimated, and we eventually decided to create our own table top with new lumber. This way we would have an easier time of making the table level (no one wants spilled drinks).

We bought the fresh lumber, and stained it with the Minwax stain called Classic Gray. The pallets we picked were already of a similar color, so we did not stain them. We decided to alternate the size of the boards to give it more character, but they could be arranged any way. After staining the wood, we cut the planks to fit the length of the table.

We screwed the planks into one pallet to create our tabletop.

We put a piece of plywood between the two pallets to create a storage inside of the table and screwed it all together.

We added “L” shaped legs to our table to go it more height, and used brackets to attach them to the table.

And we’ve loved it!


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