Wedding Headband DIY

At less than 3 months until my wedding, it was time to get shaking on making my veil.

As I worked on the veil, I found that the comb I had wasn’t going to stay in my hair very well. My hair is pretty thin and straight, and without having an up-do I couldn’t figure out how I was going to make it stay on my head. Then it occurred to me: a headband.

I love the look of this headband. It’s relaxed and whimsical.

I bought 26 gauge wire, and cut five pieces that measured the circumference of my head. I then began to string my beads.
I feel the need to preface this by saying: I have no beading experience. I chose two sizes of oval, ivory and round, blue-grey pearlescent beads. Between each bead, I simply bent the wire a little with a pair of needle nose pliers to keep the bead from moving. Don’t worry about your strands not being straight.

I simply intertwined the five strands to create this headband, and twisted them together at the back of my head.

This worked out well for me because I was able to have complete control over the colors and look of my headband, as well as being able to fit it to my oddly shaped head. In all it took about 15 minutes to make (without attaching the veil).

Very exciting times!


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