The Lettered Sign

I love words.

I love the meaning of words, and how they sound when strung together. Words carry so much weight.

When the priest gave us the booklet to choose our readings for our wedding, I was excited.  When he told us we could write our own intercessions, I was ecstatic. After a childhood of dictating stories to my mom to write out for me, a B.A. in Creative Writing, and multiple publications, it felt like my life had led up to this. I was going to write something to be read at my wedding. As a Catholic, I had already come to terms with the idea that the structure of wedding itself was going to be out of my control. But this, this was going to be amazing.


I wanted something tangible in our home to commemorate the actual ceremony. I decided to use an excerpt of one of the intercessions that I had written for the liturgy.

I bought an 8 foot piece of lumber, and had it cut into 4, 2 foot sections. I then used wood glue to attach them together.

I stained the wood, and then aged it with a cream colored paint. To do this, I simply used a firm brush with a small amount of paint, and went briskly back and forth over the stained wood.

I purchased stencils, and got to work.

I’m still trying to find a home for it, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!


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