Wedding Card Box

There have been so many odds and ends in this last month of wedding planning that I have caught me by surprise. In my mind, the wedding planning was going to be pretty basic. Venue, photographer, dress, the end. The other day my mom said to me “what are you going to put the cards in at the reception?” What? So many little things left to tie up. 

First I thought: let’s build a box! Then I had a better realization: let’s stop trying to over complicate things (sort of).

I skipped off to one of my favorite places for inspiration, Salvation Army. I wanted something with a lid, or at least a door. I stumbled across this old bread box. Yep, that was the one for me. I brought it home and cleaned it up with some Pine Sol and furniture polish.

I removed the panel that said “bread” on it and mod podged a Word document onto the glass. 

Easy peasy.

I love the warmth of the wood and the hinges on the box.

That’s it, on to the next one!


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