Dip Dye Canvas Shoes

I’ve wanted a pair of blue Keds since I first saw them a few years ago, but I haven’t needed new shoes and I generally try not to buy things unless I need them.

I love white summer dresses, and the notion of wearing them with a blue canvas shoe was well upon me on the last 70 degree day we had.

But then, last night while wandering through Payless, I found these little guys. Marked down and with a coupon, they were mine for $3.20. Oh yes, they were coming home with me.

As a fan of dark wash jeans, I often redye them to help them keep their color, so I was familiar with the dye process. It’s messy, but pretty simple.

I soaked the shoes for a half hour in a mixture of 1 part vinegar 3 parts water.

I then removed the shoes, and heated up the vinegar and water mixture on the stove. I mixed it some blue food coloring, and let it heat until it was steaming.

During this time, I coated the edges of the shoes with Vaseline to keep them from staining, and removed the laces.

The bowl I had wasn’t really big enough for the shoes, so it was quite a process. I wanted them to be ombré, so most of the time was spent just dipping the toes. I let them in a little further as time went on, checking the color frequently.

In the end, the toes were still not what I wanted. I put straight food coloring on a washcloth, dipped it in the warm vinegar/water mix, and rubbed the desired pattern on the shoes.

I then dunked them in salt water, and tossed them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Once they dry, they’ll be ready to go!


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